About us

We are a small family owned and operated business, from a factory in Oakleigh, in Melbourne’s South East, providing our subscription appliance service throughout metropolitan Melbourne.  Our mission is simple; deliver high quality appliances for a price that makes more sense than buying an appliance outright.

Our story

Whybuy had its origins as a second-hand whitegoods retailer, back in 2013.  We sourced broken whitegoods, repaired them and sold them.  In this endeavour we noticed problems with the appliance industry and determined to find a better way.

Problems in the appliance industry

Appliances are usually thrown out because of a small easily repairable fault.  Appliances across Melbourne and Australia, are thrown out every day because the price of fixing them on demand at the customers house, outweighs the cost of replacing the appliance.  The appliance is easily repairable, but Australia’s high wages, and a high parts costs makes it more cost effective to replace the appliance – and without risk to the customer of the repair not fixing the issue and further repairs being needed at further cost – Why would anyone take the risk?  Appliance repair only makes sense in Australia off site in a low rent warehouse on a large scale – its just not cost effective otherwise.

Another issue – Customers need to be experts to buy a reliable appliance.  Appliances can be variable in quality across brands and worse still, within brands.  It can be impossible to know if you’re getting a lemon of an appliance, and you can’t just rely on the brand as a sign of good quality.  Even for the experts, a new model on the market needs to be run for a few years before it can be seen if it’s any good.  We certainly have our favourite brands (It might be obvious that we have a bit of a thing for Fisher and Paykel – but we also love Samsung and LG – an article will be written soon to thresh this out fully), but a google search will quickly show up models in any brand that have proven to be poor quality, leaving customers dissatisfied.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for an expert to choose your appliances?  And stand behind them with a warranty that never expires?  Whybuy are appliance repair specialists, and we know how to look after our appliances.  Doesn’t it make more sense for us to manage the risk of breakdowns and repairs?  Doesn’t it make more sense to rent an appliance?

Problems in the rental industry

Most unbiased sources will tell you that it makes no sense to rent an appliance, and we would agree – well at least before we came onto the scene!  It’s also why we differentiate ourselves as a subscription service as opposed to a traditional overpriced rental business.  With traditional appliance rental businesses, customers are locked into paying for an appliance twice over, and often more.  The only people who would rent an appliance were those that could not afford to buy one.  Those people who can least afford to pay three times what an appliance is worth are being locked into long, gobbledegook filled contracts, with severe breach penalties, late payment fees, and who knows what else.  We don’t think that’s right.  There’s no reason appliance rental needs to be this way.

Why buy?

Whybuy comes at appliance rental from a completely different approach – a subscription model.  We entered the market with a unique perspective.  We bring premium appliances to your home for less than they would cost new and without you having to worry about replacing them if they break down.  We can do this because we know how to choose the most reliable appliances, and if something does go wrong, we know how to fix it.  It would take up to 6 years (see the maths here) with no breakdowns for you to have been better off buying new, instead of subscribing to our services.  On top of this – you can swap, return or add appliances based on your needs.  If you move house and your toploader washer is no longer suitable and your fridge is too big for the spot – just swap them out for more appropriate machines!

Our value is in offering high quality appliances with no lock in contracts, hassle free.  Our rates are the cheapest in the industry and we stand by them with our price match guarantee.  Our mission statement are not just empty words to us – we mean it when we say we want to deliver high quality appliances for a price that makes more sense than buying an appliance outright. Whybuy?