Are there any lock in contracts?

No you can cancel your subscription to our appliances anytime you want. You are only committed to your first order, and even then you can ask for a refund if you’re not happy with the cosmetic condition of the appliances. However, once you have commited to a gold membership and your order has been accepted, the one time payment is non refundable.

Are the appliances new?

No, they are all in very clean used condition.

Do you offer rent to buy or can I buy the appliance from you?

You cannot buy our appliances, they always remain our property – more information here.

How quickly will my appliances be delivered?

We aim to have all orders delivered within 3 business days.

What is the delivery window?

We will give you a 2 hour delivery window with 30 minutes notice of precise arrival. Generally we aim to arrive in the middle of the window.

I want my appliances to be delivered on a specific date?

If you want your order delivered on a specific date at a specific time, ordering it up to four weeks in advance will make it much easier for us to offer delivery at the exact date and time you want it delivered. We will move your second payment to four weeks after the delivery date in such cases.

Can you deliver after hours or on weekends?

We can but will generally try and schedule you for a weekday, we try and minimise weekend deliveries and collections.

When will my second payment fall due?

If we deliver the appliance within 2 days, your second payment will fall due 4 weeks from the date of your order. If the appliance is delivered more than 2 days after you made your first order, your second payment will be 4 weeks after the delivery date.

How can I pay?

We offer payment only by credit or debit card. Payment will be automatically withdrawn from your card every 4 weeks.

Can I see the appliances before I rent them?

Our warehouses are closed to the public. If you are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of the appliances at the time of delivery you can reject them for a full refund. It hasn’t happened yet!

Are there any fees involved in returning the appliance?

We have no fee’s for collecting the appliances but we do have a minimum charge, and an emergency collection fee.

If you need the appliances collected within 7 days of notifying us, a $100 emergency pickup fee may apply if we already have a full schedule, or we need to make a special trip just to collect the appliances.

The minimum charge applies to short term orders 3 months or less. There is a minimum spend of $150 for the first appliance, and then $50 for each appliance thereafter. If you’re planning on subscribing for more than 3 months, or have purchased a gold membership – this won’t affect you. The minimum spend does not include any optional delivery charges, and has a $50 stairs surcharge for any appliances delivered upstairs where there is no elevator access. For example, lets say you have subscribed to a silver membership at $40, a washer at $12, and a dryer at $8 every 4 weeks. Every 4 weeks your total would be $60. Your minimum spend would be $200. So if you cancel at 4 weeks you will be billed an additional $140. At 8 weeks $80. At 12 weeks $20. At 16 weeks there would be no additional payment to make.

Please also note we do not prorate, you are billed in 4 week blocks.

What if I want to move the appliances?

If you want to move the appliances in your home, or you are moving to another house, we are happy to come and move the appliances for you – just give us at least a weeks notice. Moving appliances is included at no extra charge with your subscription. You can move the appliances yourself, but you will void any included protections if you decide to do so. If you want to move the appliances yourself, please let us know and we will tell you the procedures you need to follow to avoid damaging appliances and your property.