Cheaper than the laundromat!

Are you spending more than $15 a week at the laundromat?

For less than $15 a week Whybuy can put a washer and dryer in your home.

Claim your free dryer today!

$15 a week. Are you spending more than $15 a week at the laundromat washing your clothes?

For less than $15 a week with no lock in contract, and no upfront fees, Whybuy can put a Fisher and Paykel washer and Electrolux group dryer in your home. Actually we can do better than that. While stocks last, with the order of any washer, we will throw in a 4kg dryer at no charge, for the life of your subscription. To take advantage of this offer, simply fill your details above and we’ll email you a coupon to redeem the offer. That’s $13 a week!

Ya right, I can here you thinking, but I’ll have to pay for the power and water use, they have a cost too! That is very true, you are absolutely right. Now this maths is a bit trickier to do so I’m going to give you the worst case scenario. For a dryer, you’re not going to spend more than 50 cents a load on power and water. For a washer, about the same for power and water – 50 cents total.

Now, how do you value your time? What about convenience?  Hygiene? Wouldn’t you rather be at home, or hanging out with friends instead of sitting in a laundromat waiting for your clothes to finish washing in a machine, or worse, waiting for a machine to become available, before you ge tot wait for your washing?  Wondering whether you’ll get the machine that a drunk dude took a dump in last night because he thought it would be “funny”?  Machines that people use because its too disgusting to put in their machines at home?  Bed bugs from infested bedding?  Dog beds. COVID? Yuck.

Our offer gets better.  Whybuy operates on a membership model. A silver membership is $9.95 a week with no lock in contract, and gold is $4.95 a week with a $249 sign up fee. So actually – if you sign up to gold your weekly ongoing is only $7.85 a week!  For fully serviced, lifetime warranty appliances. Once you have your membership, our appliances are cheap as. As well as washers and dryers, we carry fridges from $2.95 a week, microwaves from $1.95 a week, and TV’s from $1.95 a week. And they’re good quality appliances, that we know how to fix. We know how to maintain and repair our appliances, diverting needless waste from landfill.

Stop wasting your time and money. Don’t risk your health. Let us install a washer and dryer in your home. Simply fill your details above and we’ll email you your coupon for a free dryer!

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$9.95 a week


$4.95 a week and a $249 signup

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