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Get access to our range of appliances and electronics with no lock in contracts.  Once you have a membership in your cart, you can add appliances from our range to your order.  Silver membership is $9.95 a week with no sign up fee, gold is $4.95 a week with a $249 sign up fee.  If you’re looking to rent for longer than 12 months, we recommend our gold membership.  Gold does come with some added perks read on below!


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Gold or silver?

We offer gold membership to provide a discount to long term customers.  It doesn’t pay to get a gold membership if you want your appliances fo 12 months or less, or you don’t know how long you’ll want your appliances.  Don’t forget if you’re not happy with your appliances at the time of delivery, you can send them back for a full refund.

For those customers that commit to us over the long term by signing up for gold there are other benefits.  We will bring you our best quality appliances.  They will be the prettiest.  They will often be the top of the line model with extra bells and whistles.  We can accomodate requests for stainless steel fridges for gold members.  We can accomodate special orders for gold members, like heat pump dryers and standalone freezers.  A gold membership goes with you when you move house, and it can be paused for up to 6 months.  All this because you’ve made a commitment to us, so we know you’re more likely to stick with us long term.

If you’re not sure how long you want your appliances, or want to see the quality for yourself first, you can always get a silver membership now with no upfront fee, and upgrade to a gold membership down the road – but that does mean the appliances initially brought out will be in line with our silver membership – Great quality, but not the very best machines we have in our warehouse.

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