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3 Reasons to Consider Subscription Appliances When You Move to Melbourne

Last updated on October 15th, 2023

When it comes to sourcing electric appliances, there are many things one needs to consider. Whether you’re moving to Carnegie, Toorak or Melbourne City theres a bunch of considerations. New or used appliances? Which appliance manufacturer or brand (LG, Samsung, Fisher and Paykel and Electrolux are some top brands)? Would you save some money by going with a scratch and dent appliance? What capacity, and how big physically? Will you buy the appliance in store or on line (Harvey Norman, Appliances Online, and the Good Guys are some common stores in Melbourne to buy new, otherwise and facebook marketplace are a great place to pickup used appliances)? If you move a lot and have a changing lifestyle you also want to think about how you will move the appliances (A Hertz truck rental or a van from carnextdoor or Uber carshare?), and consider how likely they are to fit into your next place. If you have no idea about these things then renting makes these choices easy. If you make a mistake with your measurements, or your needs change in time, you simply cancel your rental or swap for something that suits you better.

1. Subscription Appliances is the cheaper alternative to get electric appliances that fit your lifestyle and budget

Subscription appliances are a great way to save money.

Subscription appliances means you don’t have the exorbitant cost of buying appliances new versus fully serviced appliances that you never spent a cent repairing.




  • Subscription appliances means you don’t have to bear the cost of breakdowns. After all as you’re paying for serviced appliances, rather than the physical electric appliance itself, why would you have to pay to fix it?


  • Subscription appliances means you don’t have to worry about the risk of getting scammed when buying appliances used.


  • Subscription appliances are a practical way to find appliances that suit your lifestyle and budget.
    Subscription appliances are an economical option when it comes to getting what you need or want to suit your lifestyle and budget, without having to spend thousands of dollars on new appliances or wait for delivery.


  • Subscription Appliances are the more sustainable option as minor issues are repaired allowing the appliance a longer life in line with the reduce reuse recycle philosophy.


2.  A lot of research is needed when finding the appliance most suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

When you’re trying to decide which appliance is best for your lifestyle and budget, many factors should be considered. With a subscription appliance, its easier, but if you are steadfast on buying appliances you have your work cut out for you! Make sure to check the model number of the electric appliances you are looking at online to see if its a lemon. If it’s got mostly bad reviews it’s usually a design flaw with the model and best to avoid. Make sure it will fit your space and allow a bit extra for mistakes. Check how long the warranty is.

When buying a new appliance, especially online, enquire how long delivery will be before you commit to the purchase to avoid long waits. If you’re buying used, you need to watch out for the scammers – we’ve written an article here to guide you, as well as the most common scams here. You might also need to clean and transport the appliance as well when buying appliances used so take that into account when calculating your savings.

If you want to save the hassle – subscription appliances is your answer. When looking into renting appliances, its more straightforward. Just check the online reviews both for the product and the appliance rental business you are considering, from other people who have rented these appliance before so that you can get an idea of what kind of electric appliances would work best for your lifestyle and budget as well as checking the rental fees.

3.  Subscription Appliances are the better alternative to buying appliances

Here are some of the benefits:

 Subscription appliances are usually cheaper than purchasing an electric appliance.



  • If you’re not sure about which electric appliance or how long you will be staying where you are, subscribing gives you time in which to decide which model fits best with your lifestyle and budget. If you leave in a hurry you don;t have the hassle of trying to sell your electric appliances


  • If you’re staying in Melbourne City long term, many rental businesses offer long term discounts. Whybuy has a gold membership which we recommend to customers who are sure they will be around for a year or longer, which has much lower weekly rental fees.


  • Subscription agreements allow access to different models so that they can try out various brands and models without committing themselves financially. If you don’t like them after trying them out simply return them!





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