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Renting, leasing, or subscribing to an appliance? How does everything work?

Last updated on June 22nd, 2023

There are several ways Australian homes can access appliances or the advantages of using an appliance for a set length of time, each with its own special features and advantages. These include renting, renting-to-own, leasing, laundromatting,  and subscribing.


What are some typical Australian motivations for leasing, renting, or purchasing an appliance?


  • To try out an item not previously used or  infrequently used, like a condenser dryer or heat pump dryer for a few months before deciding whether to buy it. (Try before purchasing!)
  • Only subscription services often provide premium appliance repair, replacement, or warranty options.
  • With long-term leases or subscriptions, one may obtain high-value appliances without incurring significant up-front costs.
  • Many users in Australia use rental appliances to control their cash flow.   Renting and subscribing to refrigeration and washing appliances fits perfectly.
  • Upgrading to the newest technology is popular in Australia, where customers frequently seek out the latest on trend appliances from air purifiers to robot vacuums. The ‘Upgrade anytime’ desire is  well satisfied by rentals and subscription services.
  • Younger generation: There is a generational transition; GenZ and Millennials seek to receive or experience advantages rather than possess them. This change is seen across all industries. As an illustration, one may get more value from a shared washing machine while only contributing what they really use.
  • Universities, hostels, AirBnb’s, co-living spaces, worker dorms, service flats, and co-living spaces frequently rent, lease, or subscribe to appliances for their tenants.
  • For landlords or tenants, renting or subscribing to equipment that corresponds to the length of a residential lease can be very convenien

Want to subscribe to an appliance with Whybuy?


1. Choose a Product

Choose the most up-to-date appliance that meets your requirements for superior performance, usability, and energy savings.

2. Subscribe

Choose a monthly membership plan with a set cost!

3. Supply and setup

Within 5 days*, you may have your goods delivered and installed! Our staff will set up your new appliance and offer advice on how to make the most of its capabilities. Additionally, we will remove your old appliance completely free!

4. Total tranquility of mind

Our hassle-free guarantee, which covers your product for the whole term of your subscription, gives you complete peace of mind. If, on the off chance, there is a problem with your appliance that cannot be fixed remotely in a matter of minutes, we will provide you a like-for-like replacement within 48 hours.


Please check out our FAQ section if you have any other queries regarding our subscriptions.


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